What is Mediation?

With the guidance of a neutral third party, mediation is an alternative way for separating spouses and couples in transition to develop agreements for their particular needs. Mediation is for families who have important differences but don’t want to go to war!

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Why Mediate Your Family Law Dispute?

Going through divorce is stressful enough. At CA Family Mediation Services, we feel that families are better served through mediation than through litigation. Mediation allows you to address both legal and emotional issues without breaking the bank.

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How We Can Help You

At CA Family Mediation Services we are here to help you resolve a number of marital and non-marital family disputes issues including, Pre-Nuptial Agreements, High-Conflict Divorce, Marital Settlement Agreements, Legal Separation, Termination of Domestic Partnerships, Division of Assets & Debts, Support, Parenting Plans, Out-Of-State Custody, Grandparent Visitation Rights, etc.

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